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This week's BOTW is known as "the original golden ale", 

Exmoor's "Gold" is as the name suggests and carries an appeal to both lager and ale drinkers alike. 

According to Exmoor themselves, they decided to break the mould in 1986, "the eyes have it when it comes to ordering ale". 

Their view was that beer doesn't have to be a muddy brown or a jet black and Gold opitomises this, dancing and sparkling in the glass. 

All of our guest ales are £3.70 and have a habit of changing every week!

These are the other which will be accompanying Exmoor on the pumps: 

  • Brunswick's "Triple Hop" 4%
  • Nethergate's "Umbel" 3.8%
  • Everard's "Tiger" 4.2%


*All guest cask ales are subject to availablity