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The Hearty's handpicked range of premium gins

A taste of the world... in gins

Gordon's gin

Classic London Dry Gin

£ 2.80


Intensely smooth with hints of berry

£ 3.00

Boe Violet

Small batch infused with fragrant violets 

£ 5.00

Zymurgorium Violet Liquer

Unique and sweet refined with wild juniper 

£ 3.00

Boutique-y's Yuletide

Christmas - distilled for you

£ 5.00

Warner Edwards Rhubarb

The original rhubarb gin

£ 5.00


Made in a victorian copper still

£ 3.50


Premium gin served with sliced cucumber

£ 3.50

Bombay Saphire

Tantilisingly smooth taste

£ 3.00

Tanqueray Sevilla

Made with the Seville Orange

£ 3.00

Gordon's Pink

Sweetened with raspberry and strawberry

£ 2.80